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My wish for Oluremi, by Tinubu.

Monday was an auspicious occasion for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to pour encomiums on his wife who clocked 60.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) national leader took time off to cut the birthday cake with Senator Oluremi Tinubu at a low-key ceremony at their Bourdillon, Lagos home, with a few family members.

The mode of the event was in line with her wish to shun an elaborate ceremony in view of the public health situation in the country and the world.

Tinubu expressed his wish for her “to live longer, for her legacy to be great, to be in good health, to continue to enjoy the fruit of her labour, enjoy her children and grandchildren, all of them in good health. And me too in good health.”

He also spoke on their lives together, especially during difficult times. He praised the Lagos Central Senator for her perseverance, endurance, independent character, attributes, which, according to him, she exhibited particularly during the struggle against military dictatorship.

Tinubu said: “We are a living symbol of love, care, perseverance and commitment. There are so many moments, many twists and turns in our lives.

“You know, during the dark days when democracy was assaulted in this country, we suffered a lot the family suffered. As a result of that, she was in America while I was criss-crossing Europe.

“She was raising our children all by herself. It was a very trying period for every one of us. And then, we endured and got through all the turbulence and today, we are still in positions to serve our nation, to serve our people.

“You can go around the entire Lagos and particularly, the Lagos Central Senatorial District. There are so many people that appreciate her commitment, her humanitarian care for the young, the elderly and the needy.

“I am very happy for her on the attainment of 60. We give thanks to God Almighty that has spared our lives and preserved our love together.

“This moment when Nigeria is 60, my wife is also 60. It’s a wonderful thing. We mark the day with soberness. Soberness because many people pray to live to see today, but they could not. The pandemic has taken away some of our friends, those close to us.

“Today, some people are still lying critically ill in the hospitals. Some children have become orphans as a result of what is happening around the country. So, it’s a sombre celebration on the occasion of her 60th.

For, Nigeria, turning 60 is also a moment for reflection about all that we have been through and where we are”.


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