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Leading Nigerian financial giant, FirstBank, has dismissed rumours making the rounds that it’s website had been hacked.

It also said the Bank, did not stop members of her staff from joining the ongoing protests across the country.

In a corporate statement released on Saturday, the Bank said, “Our attention has been drawn to the tweet making the rounds on social media on shutting down the FirstBank website following a false tweet that the Bank prevented staff from joining the ongoing protests in the country.

“As the largest banking institution in Nigeria, it is not unlikely that we may be seen as a target in circumstances such as these. This is rather unfortunate as we believe far reaching reform is necessary and we have said as much on a number of occasions across our platforms.

“In the process of change, some pain will be borne by all and some anger may well be misdirected. We understand this as a part of the process of the struggle.

“We have a large staff strength and an even larger customer base who may be affected by any disruption and this would be a pity as a number are also contributing in many ways to ensure that voices are heard and required action is taken.

“We have been consistent in our message on the need to end all brutality and carry out necessary reforms. We will continue to lend our voice accordingly”, the statement concluded.


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