December 11, 2023

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You will never be poor again”; Start doing these six things if you want to escape poverty.

Poverty is one thing that people dread all over the world. The desire to live a comfortable and enviable life is what makes people work hard everyday, hoping that one day things will get better. But are you doing enough to make sure that you don’t remain poor? Doing the right thing in the right way is very important in your journey to amass wealth.
If you want to build wealth, these six things that I have gathered will help you in achieving you dream.

Six things to do if you want to escape poverty..

1.Educate yourself.

The thing is, you will never know anything if you don’t learn anything. Your desire to escape poverty greatly rely on how you educate yourself and your mind. Know what it takes to be rich, and not only rich but wealthy. Invest in books that talks about finances and attend classes that discussed wealth creation, as they will not only motivate you, but also teach the right thing to know.

2.Change your mindset towards money.

What do you think of money? Is it something you earn to spend or something you earn to give you more money. Do only the lucky ones get rich and majority are meant to be average or poor? See, the right mentality is very important as it will open your eyes to see what you couldn’t see before. Isn’t it funny that Bill Gates has hundreds of billions of dollars in his bossom while some people survive on only a dollar per day?. The world is not in shortage of money but in shortage of people who can think.

You can have your own fair share of the world’s wealth if you know how to do the right thing.

  1. Stop caring too much about what others think.
  2. My dear readers, do you know that your mind is your greatest asset? You need to know that you are likely to achieve what you believe in than what others think you can. When people sit and blame everything–their environment, the country, their parents and other things, you don’t have to think likewise.

Stop caring too much about what people think is possible or not, but rather focus on what you believe would work for you!.

4.Learn a skill and get good at it.

These days, people don’t pay you for The sueluent your English is neither do they pay you for how quickly you can solve an equation. They pay for what you can do for them; Your skills. Learning a skill and getting good at it will not only make you money, but will also put you ahead of lots of other people. Have you ever wondered why footballers and musicians earn so much money? Because they put their skills on sale which makes them financially well to do. Learn a skill today.

  1. Add value to humanity.
  2. Nothing pays more than your ability to make the world a better place in your own way. Take a look at the billionaires we have today, the likes of Dangote, Gates, Bezos and Zuckerberg became what they are today due to the value they are adding to humanity. If you want to build a house in Nigeria, chances are that you will use Dangote Cement, and you can’t use a windows computer without microsoft, neither can most people survive without Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

Look for something that might benefit humanity and earn from it.

  1. Learn how to sell.
  2. Now this is your biggest skill yet. Learning how to sell is very important as it the best way to escape poverty. Everything in this world revolves round buying and selling, and you should fall into the category of the sellers most often. Come to think of it, have you ever seen a novel that reads “Best Written” instead of “Best selling”? Marketing your products or skills is a must.

In your quest in escaping the torrid hands of poverty, the ball is in your court in this case. Do the needful and good luck!


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