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Firm to boost MSMEs’ profitability launched

A DIGITAL firm Excite Enterprise has unveiled its platform to assist Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

According to a Director, Excite Enterprise, Bolaji Okusaga, SMEs have faced a lot of problems in Nigeria, especially in funding and other logistics because the government cannot reach out to all of them, hence the need for the firm to lead the way to the development of the country’s economy through the proliferation of viable SMEs.

Okusaga, the Chief Executive, Precise Platforms, said Excite will deliver on its promise to revamp the MSME sector through its partnership with organisations across countries that are willing to support entrepreneurs in the country.

Excite Enterprise, he explained, provides innovative services to develop and deepen markets for MSMEs, thus providing entrepreneurs across the business space an opportunity to reach consumers; boost brand names; sales; competitiveness; and improve rendered services. These businesses will not only be able to access funding to scale up their potential, they will also have entry to a bigger market.

Another, Director, Excise Enterprise and Chief Executive of Mobinet, Hong Kong, Mr. Andrew Otiko, said: “Excite platform has the sole aim of using technology to make life easy for SMEs. It will also facilitate funding from some of our partners that are involved in providing grants and also facilitate other services that will mitigate challenges faced by MSME.

”The only way the economy can grow is by providing jobs to the citizenry which can only happen if we change the narrative for SMEs, if processes are in a place where things are simple, there will be massive employment opportunities for everyone if each SME can sustain its growth and recruit just one person.”

On how the features can spread across the country, especially for those in the rural areas to access the platform, Okusaga said those within that category would be able to pick the language they want when on the platform, which will make the communication.

Also, Mr. Chinonso Ukwandu, the firm’s Chief Technology Officer, said the platform would assist business owners could meet agencies that could facilitate fund for it, do bookkeeping, build personal websites and engage influencers in marketing its products.

He said there was also a recruitment and training tool on the platform, where prospective employers could meet the right fit, and facilitate training for the small business owners.

He said the first edition of the training had been held and that more would come.


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