December 11, 2023

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The Doom of a mannerless City

Nigerians are dwelling in a great course of political rigmarole periodically without perceiving a dream of overpowering the breath. The mandate of personal interest plugging the political actors in the positional system makes it heavier to credit social injustice. This is the strongest scene that could not make the governments dramatically acceptable. Nigeria is politically covered with selfish set of humans who are only considerable to change of things having absolute advantageous role but furnishing such scenarios in public as the advantage of all. Behind a single move of the politicians, have plenty reasons to move the nation nearer to grave and to make their ways closer to earthly defined heaven. Respecting this manner, a lot of damages have been prevailing constructed in all governments and the citizens could only comfortably sit to watch this called “National Play” but could not successfully launch actions to put stop to some direct infectious scene following the deadly strategies scoring the attention of the politics to safeguard such scenes. To this, not only vulnerable Nigerians are dying for such national disease, but, some powerful Nigerians living in diaspora and some powerful foreigners having good feelings for the Nigerians. Would it not have goodies if some deliberated Nigerians in diaspora come over to put on the political shoes in order to accredit the course of justice to the politics?

In all moments of my life so far, I have been in a watch for play and poetry having contents of changing the nation political system for good, I all could see is an animated gestures with meaningless sound. How could one part of universe dwelling endlessly in darkness whereas, the purpose and vision of light is to serve all corners of the universe? Can I say God is not aware of the light failure to manifest itself this country that have produced a lot of humans dominating in the campaign of “Heavenly Movement”? Oh! What a call to see God in a moment!

In deepest surprise, the political language and meaning which the politicians have kept in public sphere to stimulate and simulate their respective political weight to falsefully purchase dignity have no foundation in the world of politics. A nation that could not key to a single and productive governmental system can never hold a ground to make clear and definite definition. Therefore, all linger in doom. The facts still hold that, if the citizens could develop an ideal of not celebrating party system in a sense that one should not be consider and reconsider for joining a party to gain victory, we should not uphold constructive criticisms for an interest of a party, citizens begin to love one another for a sake of truth and collective ideas to dethrone the ill-hearted politicians in order to credit efforts of free-hearted politicians, citizens begin to dwell in the realm of risking for their comfort so as to do away with a ringing volume of doing better tomorrow,  citizens openly challenge authorities of irregularities, citizens refusal in dancing to little and useless cash from the non performing politicians, opening national record centers for commanding aspirant’s requirements, these highlighted and many more familiar natures, I strongly believe the country would gain seat among her well-doing colleagues.

If this nation’s citizens could not safeguard their level of dignity naturally bestowed on the land, I think the land could make astonish and vehement mind to invade in a sense that could make the citizens wake up from the habituated ignorance. Heaven could rejoice for that, whereas, the world should rejoice for that, the spirits of the nationalists would begin to completely rest in peace, and, my spirit and soul would begin to rest from that day. This now showcase a big dream.  And this, most importantly, should be a collective dream of the patriotic citizens. National building is a collective work, because, if waiting for the politicians who were influenced already, ready to be influenced and ready to influence is the desire, in all indications, this country would continue to swim in the wrong directions of an ocean and the view or opinion would stand like a pawpaw tree.

I am highly disappointed in a manner of the constructive lies of the present government, the lies is wider to the government itself. The world knows the weight of political failures of the past governments; the same is studied in this government. Therefore, the better for the government is to continually pushing towards rendering good service to eradicate poverty of all kinds than to keep wasting the golden time in the school of lies. Note that, Nigerians do not get time to listen to defensive mechanisms, only what we are set to see is constructive mechanisms. The politicians, through this are expected to consume passionately that making skyrocketing in different political parties in order to cover the messes and to secure the aspiring desires is a child play. This knowledge should be forcefully uprooted to safeguard personal dignity. Nigerians are well equipped with the knowledge impregnated in your hearts or minds before indulging such shameful move. Admonishing and embracing truth in order to rejoice with social justice must be tagged with a political motion so as to approve goodness in government. If the nation can have individual parties in the midst of a party, this could establish great wealth of advantage in the national political institution. If we can’t learn things that are good from our environment, there is no sense of plagiarism by learning them from other countries taking outstanding position in the distribution of goodies. This helps the mortals and immortals of the land with a great deal.

Let the nation be on safety platforms. It is only on that Nigerians can truly discover themselves, and to discover one another. Whenever the self-discovery is gotten, nothing is a limit. Literarily, on that base, the nation could stand to compete. Therefore, politicians and citizens are enjoined to learn how to stand individually and collectively in respect to commanding better changes and differences in our nation. If Nigeria is safe enough, the natural resources and the human potentials attached to it creation is liable enough to birth her growth and development as the chain of development is gotten on peaceful habitation. This is something we can create ourselves, with that; together we build the nation to the taste of all, within and outside.


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