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2023: APC Members Clamouring for Jonathan Presidency are Hypocrites, Says Lamido

Former governor of Jigawa state and a presidential aspirant in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 general election, Sule Lamido, has described those in the All Progressives Congress (APC) that are clamouring for former President Goodluck Jonathan to contest the 2023 presidential election as mere hypocrites.

Speaking at ARISE Television, the broadcast arm of THISDAY, Sule Lamido wondered why the APC as a political party would be clamouring for Jonathan whom they described as “weak, clueless, a man they vilified, demonised, a man they called all sort of names and eventually defeated to come back and become their presidential candidate.

“To me, I think that they are being merely hypocrites . They, APC governors, are looking for him, is it because there are no presidential materials in the APC? This is one of the heights of hypocrisy.”, he stated.
Asked to speak on zoning in the coming 2023 presidential election, Sule Lamido said that as a party man, he believes in the ability of his party, the PDP to address the matter collectively.

However, he said, “If you go for zoning, I am prepared for it, I may offer myself, but I will abide by the decision of my party.. Again, If it is for merit, I will put myself forward. If for merit and quality, I will wait for the decision of my party. I believe in collectivity as a party man. But for competence, let the party choose the best.

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs under President Olusegun Obasanjo urged Nigerians to chose between unity and hatred in the forthcoming elections, saying that the PDP represents a united Nigeria, development, security and progress.

According to him, “the years of the APC

has brought hatred among Nigerians, a divided Nigeria full of insecurity with a culture of hate. What the APC says in the north is different from what it says in the South. APC is a party of double talk. In the north, the APC has brought divisions among father and son and families.

“Before the APC, Nigerians were united, but look at what it has done to a once united country. Before the APC, Nigerians were living in brotherly and sisterly lifestyles. Look at the level of insecurity now., look at the hatred in the country “, the former governor said.

On how to tackle the insecurity in the country, particularly the herdsmen and farmers clashes, Lamido urged Yoruba leaders that foisted President Buhari on Nigerians to look for solutions with the President they invented.

He said, “I support the Northern Elders Forum that there is no need evicting the Fulani from the south as it is an evil wind that will blow the nation no good, let those that brought Buhari on us speak to him on the solution, after all they brought him as the President. “

Asked again who were those that brought Buhari, Lamido said, “The Tinubus, Fasholas and the Osinbajos. They came with their propaganda . Those who brough President Buhari should speak out now”, he said.
On restructuring, he said that he’s a pan Nigerian, explaining that the present agitation in the country is basically a product of bad system of governance.

He said that “PDP was in government for 16 years and they left behind good developments, growth and security, but with just five years of the APC, see the mess the country is in.”

Accordingly, he said, ” In the next general election, the choice is before Nigerians to choose between good and bad, between the APC that is sowing division and hatred and the PDP. The choice is for Nigerians to make, not me. I’m a Pan Nigerian”.


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