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All The Help You Need To Look Your Best This Valentine

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Creating a perfect valentine look becomes a lot easier when you know what you’re going for and have a guide to help you each step of the way.

To help you, we have created a step-by-step guide to helping you create the perfect Valentine’s day look for men and women:

A Guide To Creating The Perfect Valentine Look For Men
Men’s beauty is effortless to pull off, seeing that they get to skip the concealing and contouring routine. To create the perfect Valentine’s day look for men, the focus has to be placed on the skin and beards:

Beard Care:

While it is no secret that many women find beards very appealing, it is important that they are kept in shape and well-groomed. You definitely do not want to show up at your date looking like you made no effort at all.
A visit to the barber’s shop a day before Valentine is a great idea for fully bearded men. If your partner touches or talks about your beard a lot, you can keep the length or choose to trim off a little. However, be sure to shape your sideburns and get rid of unruly hairs that make your beard look unattractive.
If your partner doesn’t notice them as much, you can shave your beard to a more fitting style and use a good Vitamin C serum after. Pay attention to your partner’s likes and make the extra move to keep your beards, how they prefer adding something extra to your valentine experience.

Hair Care:
While grooming your beards, it is also a great idea to have your hair looking just as good. If you cut your hair, then you should get a haircut before your date. For those with dreads, make time to loc them before your date and lay those edges good.
For afros, hair weaves, call your stylist up and be sure to get a great hairstyle. This might be the wake-up call for the hair grooming you need, even during this pandemic.

Skin Care:
Skincare can and will always get anybody going from “okay” to popping and looking their best. Think of skincare as makeup but for guys.

Start with a facial cleanser with moisturising and oil control ingredients. You can start using the cleanser from today to have your skin looking its best by the D-day for a much better effect.
Wash your face every night, and in the morning, you can rinse off with water. The space will let your face produce natural oils in the right proportion while in a clean atmosphere. Water will help you wipe off the sleepy look.

If you have dark circles or bags, help yourself to good eye cream. The serum used after shaving also comes in as a great skincare routine to repair your face from its dose of oxidative stress.
Finish off with a great moisturiser, one with SPF above 50 is perfect for locking in hydration and protect you from damaging UV rays.

Doing all of this would have you looking your best, remembering your partner why they fell in love with you the first time. Doing something extra with your looks shows your partner how much you care about them and what you are willing to do for them.

A Guide To Creating The Perfect Valentine Day Look For Women
Whether you’re a light makeup kind of girl or you look to dazzle with a lot of colours, we’ve got some great tips to help you with creating the perfect Valentine’s day look. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the perfect Valentine day look:
Natural dewy looks are in style, particularly because we have to wear masks everywhere. Before applying makeup, your skin has to look its best, so be sure to follow your usual skincare process. Cleanse, exfoliate, treat, hydrate, moisturise and protect.

Once your skincare routine is complete, you can go on with your makeup routine. Start by using a makeup primer as a base before applying anything else. Using a primer creates a smooth base for your makeup, stopping any excess shine and making sure it stays in place for as long as you need it to.

Next, choose an illuminating foundation that matches your skin tone and blend properly with a beauty blender. To cover spots and blemishes, use a cream concealer and also blend properly. For contouring, also use a cream concealer, applying it as lightly as possible and blending properly.

How you want to shape or draw your brows is your full choice, but the real deal is the eye shadow you’re going to apply. If you’ve got beautiful eyes, why not flaunt it with a bold eye shadow? You can go with the popular Valentine colours of pink or red, but if you want to be the girl that looks a little different, gold or purple will be a great look too.

If you’ve never tried Halo eyes before, this new look would be a great way to impress your man. Put a lighter shadow at the centre of your eyelid and a darker one towards the outside. If you can’t do it yourself, there’s no shame in hiring a makeup artist.

Another way to leave your man speechless is trying out smoky eyes! This will be most suitable for a date night, especially as it gives you a sultry look.

The secret to getting your eyes to pop is to take it slowly on the lips. For nude and subtle eye looks, you can pair it with a brighter lip colour.

If you’re going light on your lips, you can try a light coloured lip gloss or nude lipstick. If you want to make your beautiful lips pop, red lip gloss is just right.

If your lips are the main hit in your face, then a bold lipstick is perfect! Red or dark Pink is always a go-to, especially on Valentine’s Day, but again, if you want to look different, Purple or burgundy is pretty edgy.

Pairing this makeup look with glorious hair and the cute dress in your closet, you’re good to go to show your partner while you’re the perfect match for them.
As the beautiful day comes closer, don’t forget to live in the moment with your partner. Go the extra mile by also looking your best and doing more to your looks to have them as star-struck as the first day they met you.


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