February 2, 2023

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You Are All I Want For Valentine

Every time I breathe, I take you in; And my heart beats again; Baby, I can’t help it; You keep me drowning in your love- Backstreet Boys.

“Roses are red, violets are blue”, and so the dawn of the big bang Valentine is upon us once more.

Valentine’s Day is very endearing to both old and young, setting up with the atmosphere with endorphins of love and romance.

Nat King Cole’s lyrics states, “ ‘L’ is for the way you look at me ‘O’ is for the only one I see, ‘V’ is for the extraordinary…” Valentine- a day helpless romantics’ reignite and express their love in a new way.
As many still bask in the exhilaration of the recently passed holidays, Valentine’s celebration, a sought after occasion, is a sure way to keep the holiday relaxation spirit thriving.

Being the first event that ushers in other celebrations; it suffices to say that love ushers in the year’s fete, keeping the holiday spirit blooming. It is as well the time to find the inner Percy Bysshe Shelley in every cupid bound individual.
With Valentine’s Day here, many presumably are faced with a task they find daunting that is – “what will be the ideal gift for my partner?” or “what should we do on that day?”

These desirable thoughts consequently reignite the spark, snapping out relationships from lethargic shock.
Here to assist with a remedy to the dilemma, are some strange things to create an affordable memorable Valentine’s Day.

Firstly, the usual is expected which ranges from cinema dates, dinners, highbrow events and 5star hotel treats or even spar teats.

That being said, it may be getting old therefore losing its lustre and significance, hence restoring the lustre in your Valentine’s Day planning.

Conceive the time invested to this day to produce confections plus items to aid create a magical moment of a surprise.

Before Valentine’s Day hit, comes “Propose day”- a day set aside for proposing thus the name. It is celebrated 8th February and is a day to profess undying love to the one who makes your heart fonder.

A great start to the 14th of February, this could be an outright proposal or just a profession of love to someone special to you.

The smell of scented candles, flowers with roses taking the centre stage, mixed with the greatest love songs by the love whisperers Celine Dion or Ed Sheeran, whichever suits your fancy becoming will hit again.

The day comes with a lot of expectations for couples and it particularly has gift items embodying the celebration of love like heart-shaped cakes, red velvet cakes, and chocolates as one of the favourites, cookies and biscuits. These all form the popular culture for the special occasion of Valentine’s Day largely a day to give into guilty pleasures.

Lovey-Dovey Feelings
The misconception of this special day is foremost that it is like the national day for sex, not until a better outlook is given to it plausibly a better understanding and appreciation of 14th February other than the misconstruction of it.

The church plays a constant role in the foundation of institutions as well as events and celebrations, and again there is always a counter interpretation of pagan festivals as the day is laced to the Roman festivity of Lupercalia.

But here and now, we dwell on the Christian groundwork. There lived a priest named Valentine; who fought for love to reign going against Emperor Claudius’ decision to stop soldiers from getting married. This daring unholy act that leads to his death which he is fondly remembered for today.

The Roman and Greek goddesses of love Venus and Aphrodite used Doves as their sacred animal representing love, peace, luck and prosperity.

Heart-shaped items in edible and non-edible forms, chocolates, the vibrant colour red all expressively represent the abstract entity called “Love” this visible representation shows how they have become part of the ritualistic act formed by us, You and I.

Valentine the day to be fluffy and all Lovey-Dovey”, “roses are red, violets are blue, all I want for Valentine Is You.”

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