March 31, 2023

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‘Mothers should stop selling alcohol, drugs to curb substance abuse’

The Chief Medical Officer of the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Dr. Oluwayemi Ogun, has advised women to desist from selling alcohol and other illicit drugs as a way to curb the rate of involvement of youth substance abuse. The CMD gave the admonition during a courtesy visit of the African Students Union Parliament (ASUP) where the body conferred on her ‘ASUP Pan–African Leadership Prize for Excellence.’

The prize is for those individuals whose lives exemplify the ideal of living for the sake of others and dedicate themselves to practices that promote African moral values, strong family life, cooperation, international harmony, establishment of a culture of peace transcending race, national and religious barriers.

According to her, decades ago, women shied away from selling locally or imported drugs to people but, this day, it is rampant. “People of my age were not groomed from homes where people smoke or sell drugs in open space, but now you see young women selling sachet alcohol and marijuana – some of whom were nursing parents. To surprise you, many women were even indulging in smoking and drinking in the presence of their children. I worry because children like to imitate their parents. So, as they experiment, they get addicted.

“Drug abuse is not a situation the user finds his or herself overnight; it takes a gradual process, graduating from a sachet of alcohol to consuming a bottle at a very affordable price. This means that we are the ones grooming a generation of drug addicts because many parents are making their living from selling these drugs.”

Ogun charged parents to monitor their kids who engaged in drug abuse often lie, cheat, steal and have low performance in school or workplace. She advised mothers to look for other trades and desist from selling alcohol or drugs. Impressed by her speech, a spokesperson for ASUP, RT. Hon. Kewul Sule applauded Ogun for her effective management of the hospital. Sule described the CMD as trailblazing and result-oriented person whose effective leadership has impacted Nigeria and Africa as a whole. “We are here to appreciate the extent to which the CMD is contributing to the quality delivery of health care services. She has been contributing to the issue of mental health in Africa because Nigeria is like a big brother to other Africa countries. Whatever affects Nigeria, affects Africa.

“Her work is very remarkable and we will also partner this hospital as we are embarking on a campaign against drug abuse and other related substance abuse across Africa because we know that one of the issues that affect mental health is drugs. We want to liberate students from the use of drugs and also rehabilitate those who are into the use of drugs.

“As she noted, awareness to the parent is very important, many children are on their own when getting to higher institution. Parents should take proper care of the children, know what is happening to your child in the school, they should visit them.”

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