November 29, 2022

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From banking to catering, success story of 31-year-old

Following eight years of working in the bank, Bukola Popoola took the brave decision to go into catering. Just three years after, she shares her steady success story with Gboyega Alaka

A food vendor and caterer, Bukola Popoola has said transitioning to catering from being a banker remains one of the best decisions she ever made.

Sharing her success story in an interview with The Nation, Popoola said she became a food vendor after eight years in the banking industry.

“The transition was not an easy one, but God has helped me thus far. I have so many supportive bosses and colleagues who took it upon themselves to do status adverts for me.

“Though I did not leave banking voluntarily; I was among those that were disengaged after their job contractas expired three years ago. The good thing, however, is that as a food vendor, I have been able to take ownership of my life, take decisions on my own and I am also an employer of labour to the glory of God.

“Income from the job also meets my needs adequately.”

A mother of two, Popoola, 31, said it took the help of God and dedication, as well as integrity and consistency on her part to achieve the level of success she has attained in the three years since she ventured.

“I started my food business from running market errands, which I termed, ‘Market Runs.’ Then I used to help busy career women to navigate home, office, family, career, business well without having to affect their lives.

“My task was to make life easy for my female clients by helping them source groceries and healthy foodstuffs for their kitchens. Sometimes, I even go as far as helping them to do 75 per cent of their cooking by boiling or frying their meat or fish.”

For her very busy clients, the caterer said she offers complete package of making purchases and cooking meals that could last them a whole month.

She added, “My being educated has also enhanced my business – I have a Second-class upper degree in Psychology from the University of Ibadan. It has made me to have in-depth knowledge of the internet, thereby making it easy for me to capture my target customers. In addition, I run an online food catering business leveraging on technology.”

Popoola said the tremendous support of her spouse has also aided her immeasurably.

“Everyone has an in-built talent; all you need is to discover it and zoom into action.

“While waiting for your dream job, please learn a trade you have passion for because you will eventually need it,” Popoola said.

She advised that youths need not continue waiting for white collar jobs; rather, she said they should encourage themselves, be resilient, hardworking, and patient.

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