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An exclusive chart with Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach

By Godwin Onyemaechi

Briefly, tell me about yourself

Answer: My name is Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach. I am a writer, poet and activist. I hail from Ochadamu, Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi State. I did my primary education, secondary education and tertiary education, all in the state. Elder Dr. Solomon Alhaji Idegu, a lecturer in the department of English and Literary Studies, Federal University, Lokoja, is my father, and, Deaconess Dorathy Afor Idegu, a fulltime businesswoman is my mother. I am the firstborn of the family of eight children.

As an activist, what are your fight against Nigeria political system?

Answer: My spirit and soul is so much disturbed on the subject of the political rigmarole of the nation. In colossal, we can no longer keep watching these muddles rather to jump into activities that could bring down the fire to the minimum level or that could completely erase it. To this regards, I charge Nigerians to key into my political philosophy as presented in two of my political works, “The Stakeholders” and “The Revolution”. However, my recently published article, “The Doom of a Mannerless City” by The Nation Newspaper few weeks ago is equally dedicated in charging the politicians to be merciful with the citizens. In my dream, now and always, I must continue to indulge in activities capable enough to question the depth of political knowledge and limit of political wisdom of our politicians as I mannerfully termed this reasonable and constructive.

As an author, what is your take for the colleagues?

Answer: My sole-hearted advice to the dreamful writers is to absolutely focus on the career with dedication, diligent, hardworking and patience. So, the thing expected most is the effects of the writings in the societies and not the finances it can attract. Nothing would stop your financial making if your writing is societal-oriented as long as the writing career is concern.

Tell me little about your writing
Answer: I put so much in all literature genres, and, presently, I have over fifty books published. These books have been circulated worldwide by Amazon Publishing Platforms (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and Kindle Direct Publishing). Some of the books have emerged most popular and bestselling. These books can be purchased online and can be ordered to Nigeria. However, I am incumbently arranging on how some of these books are reprinted for distribution in the country.

Are you in a relationship?
Answer: Well, I have periodically engaged in relationships during an earmarked period of my life for that. On several attempts, none could hold uptill date following some irregularities discovered in each of these relationships. To a length, I learnt to stop so as to give my writing career the prime priority. Nevertheless, any moment from now, I must definitely go into a strong relationship with any lady of my dream.

What is your like and dislike?
Answer: My like is to see someone being creative and taking risk on what could bring total liberation to the less-privileged and physically-challenged people and my dislike is to see someone running away from the responsibility of the above stated like.


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