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Don Jazzy: your favourite influencer’s influence

Posted By Godwin Onyemaechi

There is a trend online and you would be blind not to have noticed. When a restaurant, hotel or club freshly opens for business, it is not unusual for the owners to experience heavy traffic in the first few days.

People love the look and feel of new things. In fact, if there is a spray that claims to give your car, no matter how ancient it is, that new car smell, it would be the top-selling item in any store. While I would not bet on it working on my old Land Rover, I do understand the attraction to newness. It’s a human thing.

But, how do you explain when something that’s being around for a while continues to generate new interest? How does a road well-traveled endlessly command new appeal? How does someone you have known for ages still look like they stepped out of the front page of a lifestyle magazine, with so much drip that you just must pay attention in bitcoin? Does that new car smell work as a magic perfume as well?

Don Jazzy has been at the top of the music scene and, perhaps, the entertainment industry for close to two decades. Yet, the two-way traffic to the home and studio of the ace producer, influencer and music mogul, shows no sign of abating. His everlasting appeal demands some scrutiny and analysis.

The saying, “Out of sight, out of mind” has been true for most people in the creative industry, but this enigma has NEVER been out of our sight. In fact, he lives rent-free in our consciousness, maintaining what my colleagues in marketing call, Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA). Even at the peak of the pandemic! RESPECT!

While some new acts like Bella Shmurda and Omah Lay have seen their career rise during the worst parts of the lockdown, most of the industry have been relatively muted. But, not in the Supreme Mavin Dynasty. The Don has seen his stock rise very high, has been bagging endorsements, launching new acts, shooting skits and receiving VIP guests. In fact, for the last few months, the “Who-is-who” of the creative industry have been visiting the Mavin boss’ home just to kiss the ring and we have seen the resultant positive effect on their careers and projects.

Lately, the Don has played host to, amongst others, Peruzzi, LAX, Pheelz, Blaqbone, Laycon, Lasisi Elenu, Larry Gagga, and Masterkraft. Even foreign acts like an American rapper, D Smoke, and Michael Blackson have refused to be left out. He has managed the birth of Rema on the global stage and unveiled new sensation, Ayra Starr.

He has appeared in skits with some of the biggest names in the game like Crazeclown, Broda Shaggi, and danced with Oyinbo Marlian and TataOsca. Influencers are searching him out to influence them… he’s your influencer’s influencer. And, crucially, he has been making bank by endorsing a number of big brands, who are only too happy to pay good money to piggyback on his brand.

So, how does he do it? How is he attracting new followers on socials by the thousands every month? How is he commanding so much reverence that even international acts feel they must acknowledge him? What does he do differently?

Well, the truth is that Don is not doing anything particularly new or that is anathema to his personality. He has always been talented, funny, free-minded and playful. He has always had an open-door policy and never shies away from assisting colleagues in whatever way he can.

What has changed is our appreciation of what he is; the man who saw tomorrow. While others were living in the moment, Jazzy was building for tomorrow. When working from home suddenly became a huge deal in 2020, Don Jazzy had been working from home for over a decade before that. He has always used his social media accounts to connect with his fans in a very endearing way. He is extremely comfortable in his own skin and has no qualms inviting the world into his home. His gift is having a large heart and the world is now appreciating that even more.

The Mavin supremo is a social media trendsetter and long before many celebrities understood its power, he was interacting with his fans, inviting them to be a part of his daily routine across all his platforms. He acknowledges them, engages them and seeks their views on everything from fashion choices to healthy eating. He doesn’t hide his playful obsession for Rihanna. He even shares his Christmas gifts with followers. In fact, he practically invented the social media giveaway!

He probably is following the most people across his Social Media Handles and even till date, you can still tag him on your photos on Twitter. Some of your faves with only hundreds of followers have this feature permanently disabled because they don’t want their timelines clogged. Recently, he came out and confessed that he was a divorcee, having married while he was much younger. He had admitted it on a show and, out of respect for his social media followers, he posted a photo of himself and the lady on Instagram and Twitter with an explanation on why he kept the whole thing private and why things feel apart. He again showed why he is a gentleman and why he is so loved by everyone. That is the spirit of Don Jazzy. He is a free-spirited giver. Always more than happy to share his space, his gift and his property.

His teeming army of online supporters in turn see him as a benevolent and humble leader, who is often seen dancing with his staff. They see him as a “helper of destinies” because he shoots skits with people nowhere near his wealth or influence. Testimonies are all over the internet of how he has paid the school fees of many, paid for several people to start businesses and helped others expand theirs. One of such recent testimonies was from Mr. Macaroni and guess what? Jazzy did not even remember. What a man!

However, as he has proven time and time again, Jazzy is the Don of Music and he never lets us forget it. With Rema, he shamelessly hawked the song ‘Woman’ on his socials to the edge of pain. You knew he was extremely proud of the song. But, to show us he is nothing if not adaptable, he got us bopping to ‘Away’ by Arya Starr, his new gift to us. And most recently, “Bounce” from Rema which he produced. It was like he was saying, “In case y’all forgot, I’m still the baddest producer this side of the Atlantic!” He knows he is and he knows we know he is. He was just reminding us.

He also recently announced his acting debut in the sequel of the family movie, “Introducing The Kujus” and I have no doubt that as he has excelled in music and in comedy, he will be a brilliant actor. My sources even tell me acting is in his genes as his father was also an actor before the industry became Nollywood.

So, how do you round off an article about Don Jazzy? Well, I’m going to use a quote from the well-respected broadcaster, presenter and podcaster, Adesope Olajide. “Don Jazzy is one of the most successful people in the entertainment business. He is one of, if not the most, iconic Afrobeats producers in the world. He is very, very wealthy. Yet, this man still takes the time out, not only to show his funny side and human side to his audience but to also find subtle ways of promoting his artists content. He is moving with the times and everyone needs to learn from this guy.”

Uncle Adesope, you are right. Don Jazzy is all that and more. He is timeless but only because he has mastered the art of dynamism. This is why if you are smart and talented, you should head to the Mavin Headquarters to kiss the ring so you can be blessed by the man for all seasons.

Well done Michael Ajereh, as you give, more shall you receive. Amen.


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