August 8, 2022

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On Abdul Samad Rabiu magic wand at 61

Posted By Godwin Onyemaechi

Alhaji Abdulsamad Rabiu, founder of BUA group, is synonymous with changing the narrative and causing positive business disruption across the world. His achievements are unrivalled and impeccable that a toddler can even speak of his ambition to put Nigeria on the world map. Despite the hurdles and hard times he faced, he was able to swim across heavy tides. While growing up, he sharpened and harnessed his business dexterity, carefully learning the tenets of running a successful business empire under the tutelage of his late father, a business mogul and wealthy trade merchant in Kano. With his audacious mindset to succeed, he ventured into business changing the narrative by giving his rivals a run for their money.

As of today, he is regarded as one of the biggest investors in the economy with business interest in real estate, sugar, cement, oil, and gas, among other business chains.
Besides his fortune worth billions of dollars, according to Forbes, he has a large heart. While most of his peers spent their huge financial war chest on acquiring best and vintage automobiles, latest high-cost private jets, or a big double-decked yacht to move around, he deliberately dropped what is termed vanity of life to crest his name in the hearts of many as a true philanthropist. The act of giving to others is a lifestyle for Rabiu.

He gives like it’s going out of style. The Kano-born generous moneybags is not interested in frivolities, he devotes his time to facilitating and sealing juicy business deals favourable to Africa and Nigeria. When he sauntered into 60 last year, during the heat of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic; many wished to show their appreciation for his kind act by celebrating him, but the birthday boy opted for a private celebration with his family, thanking his creator for enlarging his coast and giving him an opportunity many never had.

Interestingly, Rabiu got an early birthday present when he was appointed inaugural president of French Nigeria Business Council on the sidelines of the Choose France summit in Versailles, France. French President Emmanuel Macron inaugurated the French Nigeria Business Council to facilitate business cooperation between Nigeria and France.

As he celebrated his 61 on August 4, with different congratulatory letters and newspaper advertisements, it shows that many people are willing to share in his pot of joy, but the private businessman, who loathes media attention, kept his birthday low-profile.

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