January 28, 2023

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Nigeria’s next president: Driving force for civic activism

As part of its efforts to ignite paradigm shift between the ruling elite and the Nigerian people as well as stir civic activism, Citizens Intervention and Accountability Network (CIAN), a non-governmental organistion has produced a civic empowerment project tagged Nigeria’s Next President.

The project, which is a book and audio resource tools, is being translated into Efik, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, and Pidgin English. This, according to the Chairman Organising Committee, Mr. Olawunmi Olaniyi, is to make the project accessible to wider audience and have greater impact on the general voting public.

Olaniyi, who spoke in Lagos recently, disclosed thatNigeria’s Next President will be presented to the public at Abuja on December 3.

He noted that the project is CIAN’s intervention and resolve to lend a helping hand and be a part of the solution to addressing Nigeria’s leadership recruitment process. He decried the rumblings in the National Assembly over section 52(2) of the Electoral Amendment Bill, saying the development portends the gathering of anti-democratic forces with a tendency towards a one-party state.

“Going forward, as a people-oriented organisation, we would not fold our arms, and leave this parliamentary coup unchallenged, especially at a time when the power sector has repeatedly become a graveyard of failed promises, at a time when emerging trends about those who assume power in Nigeria suggest accident of history,” he said.
According to him, the time for action is now and Nigeria should not be held back by the lack of elite consensus on its leadership recruit process. “The momentum is growing and we can hear the rumblings of this call-to-action among the Nigerian people, even among the political and economic elite in communities, cities and across the country. A new Nigeria is now. A new Nigeria is possible where freedom, peace and justice will prevail for all,” he said.

In his remark, Director Information and Strategy CIAN, Dr. CandyFidel Onwuraokoye observed that the reluctance of governance, the pedestrian understanding of the currents of Nigeria politics and the indecisiveness of the government in the face of mounting national emergencies and crises, are alarming signposts on the highway to the imminent collapse of the Nigerian project. He said part of the fallout of the recently passed Electoral Act include issue of integrity of the electoral process, acceptability of election outcomes, and voters’ apathy and turnout as well as question of legitimacy of winners.

“If nothing is done, the leadership question will continue to be, the main challenge of the country. The dichotomy and the tension it has created have produced a disruptive impact that we can no longer afford to ignore. For this reason, the leadership question must be a priority in the Nigeria development agenda. Nothing short of that goal will deliver on the promise of a more  equitable, inclusive, just, and peaceful Nigeria,” he added.

Dr. Onwuraokoye said the goal of the project is to among others ignite a paradigm shift that will birth the process of galvanizing the people for eternal vigilance in the delicate construction of their destiny in addition to rallying them for participatory change they so desire in the polity.

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