March 31, 2023

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Why youths should engage in politics – Kenneth Okonkwo

Posted by Godwin Onyemaechi

Nollywood actor and politician, Kenneth Okonkwo has called for the total involvement of Nigerian youths in the Nigerian political space.

Okonkwo, in a six minutes long video shared on Instagram, said the youths must be involved in political offices and not be limited so long they are over 18 years of age.
Speaking during a youth summit recently, the lawyer and filmmaker noted that a lot has to be put in place for the country to thrive and involving the youths is an important part of it.

“You have to provide ownership for the youth, you are doing something for the youth, involve them in the planning, involve them in the organizing, they have to own it, they have to believe in it and also be part of it”, said Okonkwo.
“Political limitation to the youth is a sin, I was very disappointed with the Young Can Run campaign, you are talking about reducing age but I am talking about removing age. If you are not too old to run you are not too young to run”.

Going further, he also said that it is time the Nigerian educational system is revisited stating that the old system is backward and there is need for ICT.
“Talking about our educational backwardness, they have to rejig  our university system to make sure that the lecturers teach the students and they have to change the syllabus, we are in the ICT age but what you are doing is analog.”

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