September 22, 2023

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Nigeria Is In Crises Because Politicians and Men of God Failed to do the Right Thing -Prophet Joshua .A Mensah

By Godwin Onyemaechi and Samuel Fadipe


Am prophet Joshua A mensah the prophet in charge of gospel for all nation ministries.


One of the major thing I have to say is that God has helped the president to achieve a lot of things, but I will tell you that most of his cabinet members are actually the problem we have in this government and not the president himself. I will advice Nigerians to take wise decision come 2023 elections, they should vote for the right candidate and forget about tribe or religion, they should not vote for a candidate because of money etc.

Nigerians should ask God for direction in the coming elections for us not to repeat what happened in 2015, a lot of Nigerians said in 2015 that they preferred Bihari instead of Jonathan and look at where we have seen ourselves today because of that decision, I will also tell you that concerning insecurity in our nation today our leaders are aware of it.

The are using this bandits to to fight for there political gains and at the end of the day, we are at the receiving end, so I will advice Nigerians to pray very well concerning 2023 elections.
Let me also tell Nigerians that the candidate that God wants to use to deliver us from this mess has not been revealed yet, that person is still watching at what is going on it will amaze all of us when God will reveal that person.

The candidates that are parading themselves today will soon be disgraced out of the race, the real messiah that God wants to use to rescue Nigerians from this mess we are in will soon surface and everybody will know that God is mightier than all, so we should keep on praying despite the fact that God has already started disgracing them starting from the 2020 ENDSARS protest, and the same way it will happen in 2023 elections if God does not take charge.
God has helped us to destroy the enemies that wanted to destroy the structure of this country. Concerning the massive killings of innocent Nigerians, the government should not lay somuch emphasis on 2023 elections but rather, more efforts should be placed on how to tackle the insecurity that is ravaging the North and other part of the country, if proper care is not taken, the killings we are seeing now will be nothing compared to what will happen if not before the election, and it has the capacity to stop the election. So this is the time for every stake holder, every region to come together and to restructure this nation and put the security of the citizens as the number one priority and also map out punishment for any person or group that will disturb the peace of this nation.

Nigeria has become a country where a criminal wins court case because of the huge amount he or she has stolen, this is the reason you see crime that crime is increasing everyday, so these are the real problem facing this nation.
We really have to pray very hard as Nigerians, because 2022 is the year where people will run from Piller to post looking for what to eat, I already prophesied on this in January you can check it on our Facebook page, it is the year that people will struggle to make ends meet, but only those that put there trust in God that will be blessed, so we really have to pray so that the unexpected will not happen in this year 2022/2023, but of a truth, the messiah will surely come no matter how the politicians play there tricks, God will surely show mercy to this nation.


One of the major problem in Lagos state is insecurity, so I will advice the government of the state including the past government to come together to look for a lasting solution to problem of insecurity in Lagos hear about kidnapping, raping cutting of human parts for rituals etc, so insecurity is a major problem in Lagos state which requires an urgent attention, because the blood of the Innocent victims will surely rise and the outcome will not be palatable at all. The politicians should know that in life it is not the amount of money you have, it is not the houses you build or the cars you own that matters most, you can ask the where about of the MKO, the Awolowos the Nnamdi Azikiwes. etc they are no more, so I will like the rich in our society today to learn lessons from those that has gone and know that no matter how rich you are today, you will soon be gone too.


In the days of the bible, we had genuine and fake prophets, so the same is applicable to today, we still have genuine men and women of God in Nigeria. But the problem with most men of God is that they are dinning and wining with the same politicians that have put us in the situation we find ourselves today, sharing oil wells with them,so you don’t expect some one that is dinning with the corrupt politicians to speak the truth. Men of God with so much wealth that evade tax and dues and have the covering of the government in the of he is our papa/Go to be speaking the truth , any day they start speaking the truth, then there book will be opened and then all the tax/ dues they have been evading will come after them.then all the allowances from the corrupt politicians will stop, so as you can see, these men of God are only there to improve their own economy and they careless about well being of the people just like the politicians.

That is why you see these men of God they love to build big auditorium that has capacity to accommodate more people, they see us as goats that are tied to there church, we will not be free until we all protest against all these so called big churches that rather than build big auditorium, they should build companies, factories in other to improve the well being of the members and the society at large.
If all of us have have job doing, armed robbery will reduce, kidnapping will stop,
the way our corrupt politicians use our youth for evil things will also stop, there is a saying that the idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so any man that does not work is already a tool in the hand of the devil.
When there is no work for the youth, what do you expect from them, yahoo and yahoo plus will be the outcome.

So all the money that these men of God are supposed to use for the benefits of there members, are channelled towards building of big cathedrals , they now in competition among themselves on who owns the biggest auditorium. Men of God that have governor’s/ politicians in there churches will not speak the truth to them, but God is watching because everything will not end hear on earth, there is eternity after here .
When you see a man of God that is so concerned about wealth and nothing more, wealth on its own is not bad, even God works in wealth, Jesus rode on donkeys in his days on earth, but he did not use it to oppress the people or his followers rather he had compassion and fed the poor, he made sure that his followers where comfortable.

These men of God are supposed to tell the government/ politicians to creat more jobs for the people, they can’t, because they themselves are not creating jobs even with the money they keep collecting from there followers, they want more hardship for us so we will always run to them for Deliverance, in America, can you see people praying for prosperity, visa etc it is only an African man that prays for visa and any day he gets visa, he will come and roll on the alter and do Thanksgiving, but you can’t see a white man doing that, they get any visa at ease.
In this country, you see Chinese behaving like they own this country, when they commit crime, they go free but if you arrest a common Nigerian man, he will be in custody for many days.
The politicians thinks they are dealing with us, but I tell you they are making us to be more hardened, very soon if care is not taking, more hardened criminals will rise up that will not spare them, they are training us like the Israelites in the land of Egypt, they are training us to be more advance in technology, for now, they are seeing yahoo plus and very soon they will see more advanced crimes.
It is not boko Haram that is our problem, but hunger, with what is going on now, if care is not taking might result into national conflict, and if there is conflict, the leaders Wii find there way out of the country, so the only way out is for the men of God to speak the truth boldly without minding the consequences, when they are bringing tithes and offerings to your church, make sure you conduct investigation about the source of there income.

So, the solution is to preach the truth to our leaders and that after knowing that blood is flowing in there hands, you still lay hand on them, you still pour anointing oil on them and tell them you are seeing them the second time in office.
So this is the level of damage that our nation is going through, so we should try as a nation not to make the second mistake in 2023 elections, if not it will take along time to correct such mistake.
We are owing billions of dollars and we are not paying back, yet we keep on borrowing, this means that our children will inherit debts from us if care is not taking, so lets pray very hard so the we will not repeat that same mistake in 2023 election, the Chinese will not spear us from the money we keep on borrowing from them they will surely come for there money .


The only advice I have for Nigerians is to vote for the right candidate, and if any politician comes to offer you money, collect it and still vote for the right candidate, spend the money because it is part of our stolen money, if you refuse to collect the money they will use it to buy houses in lekki and banana island etc so collect the money and use it to enjoy with your family and don’t forget to vote for the right candidate.


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