February 2, 2023

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The Issue with Atiku’s candidature

The Peoples Democratic Party has not recovered from its back to back loss to the All Progress Congress (APC) in 2015 and the 2019 elections. Thus, it must strategically position itself to win. The party envisages the emergence of an APC southern presidential candidate. Therefore, fielding Atiku Abubakar, the former vice president who is from the north was a calculated attempt to capitalise on the goodwill and huge number of the northern electorate to emerge victorious.

Atiku, they assume, has the war chest to contend with any candidate of APC and the incumbent factor. The insistence of some northern establishments like Norther Elders Forum (NEF) represented by Baba Ahmed that power is not leaving the north added an impetus to that choice.

But PDP has forgotten so soon that it was their leaders and members who partly left the country in this current sorry state. They are simply after retaining power and everything associated with it except putting food on the tables of Nigerians. Who does not know that most APC leaders were once in PDP? We are now very much aware that politics in Nigeria is using our collective psyche – playing religious and ethnic cards to advance the political interest of a few individuals.

Atiku’s candidature will be the greatest undoing of PDP in the next election The betrayal of southeast – a region which stood by PDP through thick and thin but denied at a time it is said to be their turn is a price the party has to pay very dearly for. Except if the election is rigged; the possibility of Atiku winning in southeast is slim. This will even be more so if Bola Tinubu, the Jagaban of southwest politics, eventually emerges the candidate of APC.

The eight years tenure of the north will elapse in 2023 and it is inconceivable for another northern president to continue where APC stopped. It would amount to daylight robbery of the slot due to the entire south. Obasanjo’s public declaration of his corrupt tendencies in government will be a factor in de-marketing his candidacy.

The widely reported case of monetization of the party’s convention and the eventual hand over of the flag to the highest bidder is a minus to the party. The presence of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) at that convention was a clear indication of the depth of financial infractions. However, it was a mission in futility as the anti-graft agency had no balls to arrest a single person even when it was alleged that buying of delegates was common.

Even the rancour and animosity that characterised the convention will take much application of balm to heal. The party’s deliberate refusal to abide by the zoning agreement is one sour point that will affect the performance of the party. The militancy of Nyesom Wike, the Rivers State helmsman, his arrogance and confrontational attitude is evidence that implosion has all, The emerging reality to the 2023 elections is how Nigerians are now forced to look beyond political parties in their desires for a prosperous Nigeria. A leader with brilliant ideas and practical solutions to our national tragedies is what Nigerians expect to be elected as president. We have had enough of failed promises!

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