September 21, 2023

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2023: Regime Change Can’t Bring The Desired Change-Says Okotie

Posted Godwin Onyemaechi

Former Presidential candidate and interim government campaigner,Rev Chris Okotie has warned that the much anticipated 2023 Presidential election would not bring the change desired by Nigerians.
Okotie made this point during a phone-in interview with the Silverbird TV and radio network during the week.
He told the panel of interviewers: ‘There’s nothing the incoming government would do that hasn’t been done before’, insisting that any meaningful change in Nigeria’s political dynamics could only happen after the country has been restructured.
This has been the core of the Reverend’s campaign for the setting up of an Interim Government,to engender true change in our political system.
Okotie said,’To continue with this transition is to wallow in the miasma of political degeneration. Therefore,this is the auspicious time to restructure the country, otherwise, Nigeria faces the risk of disintegration.
‘We must come together to discuss how we can have true nationhood. How to go forward because we have no other nation.
‘The reality we face shows that the Presidential system is not the way to go because it breeds corruption, mismanagement and personal aggrandizement.
‘We have tried the Westminster system; it didn’t work.Let us do our own thing which is Aboriginal Democracy, a system that guarantees inclusiveness and mass participation.’
Okotie insists that if we go into interim government,we can device a system that suits our culture.


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