March 29, 2023

Celebrating Excellence & Integrity



By Oki Samson

A regional body of young Africans, Coalition of Young African Thought Leaders for Good Governance (CYAGG) today joined all member states of the Commonwealth on the celebration of the annual Commonwealth Day. This year’s edition themed ‘Forging a Sustainable and Peaceful Common Future’ highlights the need for the promotion of peace, prosperity, and sustainability through climate action so as to ensure a better future for young people.

Coalition of Young African Thought Leaders for Good Governance (CYAGG) comprising distinguished young professionals from many African countries indicated that this year’s Commonwealth Day is so significant in that it is touching on an all-important aspect of human life and livelihood.

The press release by CYAGG, inter alia, affirmed: ‘The future of the world is her youth population. This future greatly depends on the pillar of peace. Therefore peacebuilding is germane for the development of the 56 member states of the Commonwealth and the world at large.’

‘Championing peaceful means of conflict resolution is strategic to the development of human society. Conflicts will come as long as humans interact and interface within and across cultures. Violence often brings irreparable damage to the fabric of human society as past and immediate history is replete with such issues, thus, it is not good to follow the violence route when managing conflicts. We urge the governments and youths of Commonwealth’s 56 member states to raise the flag of peace and practically ensure that peace is promoted across the family of nations this 2023.’

The press release jointly signed by the 5-man CYAGG Executive Council comprising Oki Olatunji Samson – Nigeria, Aletha Kpor – Liberia, Abayomi Oyelami, Gladys Owiredu – Ghana and Sesan Awobiye  added:
‘At this juncture, it is important to address youths across the globe on the crucial importance of exercising restraint in their activities, especially online. The advent of digital media is a leveller for information sharing, knowledge acquisition, and free speech in the 21st century. But the proliferation of hate speech, fake news, and unverified information is running down the gains. It is leading to some governments actively making plans and implementing policies which will censor the use of digital media in their countries. This is not good for our polity. We urge youths, please verify before you share. If it will inflame any segment of society, don’t share.’

The event marking the Commonwealth Day also include young people in countries across the Commonwealth raising a Flag of Peace. The intention of the Flag of Peace is for young people in Commonwealth countries around the world to raise the specially designed Peace Flags as part of efforts to promote 2023 as the Commonwealth Year of Peace across the family of nations.

A young person in each Commonwealth country has been selected to help raise the flag and take part in the ceremonies. The Flag of Peace are being raised all across the world today Commonwealth Day – 13th March 2023.

The initiative is supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, the Royal Commonwealth Society and Bruno Peek, Pageantmaster.

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