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Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview, Ben Foster’s penalty save and the 21 craziest moments of the season

We all need a bit of craziness in our lives and the 2022-23 football season did not disappoint in that regard
Football is unpredictable, enthralling and occasionally unhinged. It keeps us guessing, that’s why we love it so much, and the 2022-23 campaign was no different. Over the past nine months, there’s been countless crazy moments across the world’s top leagues to keep us entertained.

We’ve been treated to managers fighting, unbelievable results and dramatic comebacks. Players arguing, explosive press conferences and even an incident that led to a saw being taken to a pair of goalposts.

GOAL have been painstakingly tracking all of these ridiculous scenes and with the season drawing to a close, what better time to relive all of the best bits. Here are the 21 craziest moments of the season:

Thomas Tuchel vs Antonio Conte
A battle for the ages. In the blue corner, Thomas Tuchel. In the white corner, Antonio Conte. Tuchel had the reach advantage, but you can never count a pitbull like Conte out of the running.

Tensions had been simmering all game when Chelsea hosted Tottenham all the way back in August. Things first flared up when Tuchel took exception to the manner of Spurs’ first equaliser, with the German locking horns with his opposite number.
The pressure cooker was then dialled up in the second half. When Chelsea poked their noses back in front, Tuchel did his best Jose Mourinho impression, darting off down the touchline to celebrate. Spurs would have the last laugh, though, with Harry Kane netting a 96th-minute equaliser.

And then it happened – the most iconic post-match handshake of all time. Both men’s shoulder sockets were stretched to the absolute limit before the pair were pulled apart by players and staff from both teams. What a start to the season.

Gary Lineker gets a nasty surprise
On January 17 2023, the BBC accidently broadcasted porngraphic noises to millions of people, who were tuning in for a family-friendly slice of FA Cup action. It was all a bit surreal.
Gary Lineker sincerely trying to hype up an third-round replay between Wolves and Liverpool in the depth of winter, with an X-rated soundtrack blaring in the background. After the event, a YouTube prankster who had previously disrupted England’s cricketing summer, took credit, which rather spoiled things a bit.

Hamburg fans learn a valuable lesson
Hamburger SV is a social experiment designed to determine how much suffering a human being can take. There is no other explanation for their misery. Once one of the jewels of European football, they have descended into hilarity more recently.

A streak of four fourth-place finishes in a row was finally broken last season, when they at last snuck into the promotion/relegation play-offs. Hamburg took the lead in the first leg before promptly blowing it at home in the return fixtures.

Things had promised to be different this campaign and automatic promotion was seemingly secured on the final day with a win over Sandhausen. Jubilant scenes followed, with supporters streaming onto the pitch.

However, as it turned out, they had gone too early. Hamburg didn’t bargain on Heidenheim scoring two stoppage-time goals and beating Regensburg. That result was enough to jump Heidenheim up from third to first, while Hamburg dropped into the play-off spot once again. Football can be cruel.

Seven-heaven for Liverpool
Manchester United would not have been distraught to enter the break just 1-0 down against Liverpool back in March. The Reds had dominated proceedings for sure, but a few tweaks at half-time and United might have gained a foothold in the game.

Instead of coming out with a point to prove, though, Erik ten Hag’s side capitulated in a astonishing fashion. Within five minutes Liverpool had scored twice to put the game to bed – and four more goals would come before the referee mercifully blew his whistle.
After the game, Ten Hag slammed his “unprofessional players” and made them listen to Liverpool’s dressing-room celebrations in complete silence at the training ground. A great way to start the week.

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