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By Oki Samson

It is an outpouring of accolades and encomiums by the Board Member of the Lagos State Security Trust Fund (LSSTF), Dr. Ayo Ogunsan for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR today as the President celebrates his 72nd birthday this 29th March 2024. Ogunsan exclusively released this brief note of commendation to Trek Africa Newspaper as the President celebrates low-key.

Dr. Ayo Ogunsan shared about Pres. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, ‘It is no error that you are called the Asiwaju. You exhibit leadership in every facet that you have impacted and continues to impact.’

‘This is your first birthday as the President of Nigeria. But rather than throw a lavish party in utter mockery of the general public, you notified the world and you did it early that you do not want anyone to organize a celebratory event for you. You noted that you do not want such in huge respect of the military and Nigerians at large who are grappling through a lot of challenges this season. If anyone thinks this is just mere grandstanding or coverup, I can vividly recall how that you closed the Colloquium abruptly right there on the stage and asked everyone – high and mighty, local and international – to disperse from the venue and go home immediately. You did that in response to a security issue which happened around that period in the country. If this is not humanity, if this is not empathy, I don’t know what is?’, the Chairman/CEO of Executive Group noted.

‘There are dimensions that others would rather leave untouched because they don’t want to ruffle feathers but you do it all the same as long as it is for the greater good of the greater society. It is been difficult since you assumed office but it could have been worse if you didn’t take those bold, harsh decisions.’

‘Asiwaju sir, I pray for you that those decisions will pay off bountiful dividends for Nigerians. And that we will all forget our years of sorrows by the things that God will do by your hand. I wish you good health, strength, and capacity in this your new year’, Ogunsan concluded.

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